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on the ACtUAL BOX- it says, Betrayed by Vader for the last time (!!!!!!) , Starkiller (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Has eScaped.
Not ClOne. Not Starkiller Cousin. NoT even Starkiller' s Evil TWin. STARKILLER. HIMSELF. ESCAPES.
AlSO- hOw many times haS an Average Clone Been betrayed by vader? Thats rIght -0 times. Only Real starkiller Was betrayed By DV and Now oly He can be betrrayed for the last (Not first) time.
iF u r nOt convInced- tHink, Why wuld vader Chase some sIlly crapy Clone aCross Galaxy, If he had like a 1000000 more of those On kAmino? Hes real, Ppl, Get used to it.

Oh, btW -tHose of ya asking stuff like oH, How Did he survive? hE's surely dead! ? He's a sIth, not a jedi, so itS only impossible toclon Jedi, not sith?- i sAy- StarKiller Is special. Get on with it.

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