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I've experienced at least 3 game breaking bugs throughout my time with this mod. The first at the beginning when meeting Daemon on Tatooine, the second in the mines at Korriban at one of the Czerka check points, and the last and seemingly unavoidable one right when Revan and crew are proceeding through the bridge to battle Mandalore. All are crashes.

I fixed the first by simply reinstalling the mod and reloading before starting the mod. I simply avoided the area in the mines to "fix" the second. Unfortunately, the 3rd is all but unavoidable as it is in a very much required section. I'm guessing some of the mods I have installed are causing the bugs, but even so it still hurts my enjoyment.

The mod itself is very good, though I will say the challenge is perhaps to high at times and the voice acting isn't always that good. Kobayashi and Verbal are great, though I'm not a fan of Solomon's work. The back story of Shadow and Solomon is well done and the fact that the overall storyline fits not just with KOTOR but TSL as well shows that there was a very strong attention to detail in the writing of the storyline and that I appreciate.

Aside from the fact that maybe Revan should possibly be more worried about Bastila and Malak, the storyline fits the game as well. Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish the Mod as I'll probably have to reinstall it and restart. Since that invalidates 45+ hrs. of gameplay (and, yes, I do have a save from before starting BOS), I'll probably just stop playing KOTOR and jump on TSL as I really want to play the restored content.

Despite my complaints, I do appreciate all the effort put into BOS and commend the developer.
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