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@insan3soldiern:1. Meeting with Daemon should be fine, never had a crash here.
2.the issue in the korriban mines I have experienced, I am wondering if the scripts were cleaned out sufficiently in that module, as it is not a graphical induced issue.
3. Had a time or two, this one is a toughie, as it is occurring in a custom made module, it is both graphically and coding wise stretching the game, and so a glitch in this area is not surprising, and not really the fault of the modder, IMO. Chicken salad is better than....

@IRevenX: Hehe... not to familiar with PCs I guess A .rar is a compressed index, like a .zip or a .7z or several other formats. I recommend the wonderful 7zip, which you can find at It is free and will open your .rar, which contains the .exe you are looking for. Enjoy!

@S9: several things really... Solomon would not die, should have been dead and came back, but was not really himself. He was tainted, his first death. In your mod, he *dies* several more times, revitalizing himself with the Brotherhood of Shadow.... who is to say that isn't how Sion did it?

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