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Nice to see the series is continuing.

Name: Tonatius and Taryn Iazoki
Species: Avalonian
Gender: Male (twins)
Affiliation: Bushida warriors/Republic
Title: Tonatius recieved the distinction of Guardian, Taryn is known as the Shuǐ zhǔ
or Water Lord for his ability at bending water
Weapon: Both carry the traditional katana blade of Avalonians. Tonatius's blade is uniquely serrated near the tip and Taryn's guard has the decoration of water and the blade is engraved with the legendary water draigon.
Description: Identical twins but Tonatius wears the traditional warrior garb of Bushida warriors while his twin wears a tunic and pants in the cerulean colors of the waters of Atzlan emphasizing his role as a water lord. Tonatius has the promise mark on the underside of his right wrist indicating his devotion to Kalla. Loyalty and love give him the will to fight and he will not hesitate to act if it necessary. Taryn wears gaunlets on his wrists decorated with the signs of Aztlan nobility. Both twins have tattoos on their lower backs indicating their parentage and heritage.

Name: Tavaryn
Species: Avalonian
Orientation: Hetero
Homeworld: Unknown but has ties to Avalon
Affiliation: Shinigami/Republic
Weapons: A katana blade made of a rare meteorite alloy capable of withstanding lightsaber strikes; shuriken (ninja stars); lightsaber with a blue crystal.
DOB: Born six years after Order 66 issued
Description: His outfit is similar to that of Kun Lao from Mortal Kombat. Classic height at six feet. Hazel eyes, dirt blonde hair. Strongly muscled and capable of great flexibility and jumping.
Backstory: The youngest brother of Andros Starlighter, he is the last of the children born to the Jedi Ashira-Li Starlighter and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Born in a secret location during the years of terror for the Jedi, he moved around with his mother learning nothing of Jedi techniques but of the sentou abilities. He eventually did master some Jedi abilities but preferred to live in the anonymity of non-Jedi. He became a member of the Shinigami, the secret organization that were said to be the protectors of the Jedi Order. How or why that, it is not certain but Tavaryn firmly believes in protecting the Jedi Order from any threat of subterfuge. After the battle at Setna, he stuck around mainly for the benefit of Alriana in helping her understand this new world she was in. On occasion he takes off on a mission leaving few details. Knowing the nature of the Shimigami, no one dares to ask. He prefers fighting with his sword and hands and feet but will not hesitate to use the lightsaber he has carried since he was a youngling.

He stuck by Alriana helping her come to terms with her past. Instead of returning to the shadows permanently, he opted to be in regular contact with the Jedi and the Republic even partaking in training with the mysterious blue lightsaber that he carries. On occassion he does venture to the shadows for the Order and lately for Echleon 5 albeit a bit reluctantly. Mostly he teams up with Alriana and on occassion Haruka who returned to smuggling after the battle at Geonosis.

Name: Andros Kaltas
Species: Twi'lek/Rodian
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Affiliation: Jedi
Weapon: Yellow bladed lightsaber
Description: Looks very much like his father but has the green hues of his mother along with the antennae of the Rodian. Dark hair and dark brown eyes that absorb everything. He is still a padawan and follows his master around on missions. He dresses in the traditional padawan robes and trains with his master on the world of Amshrey.

Name: Jun-la Starlighter
Species: Avalonian
Orientation: Hetero
DOB: (same age as Ben Skywalker would be)
Affiliation: Jedi
Description: She honors the face of her grandmother with dark brown hair and amber eyes. She does have blonde streaks in her hair as a result from her use of sentou combined with the Force. Wears a 3/4 sleeve top (white) the top stops at her midriff. Wears pants with knee high boots.
Backstory: Daughter of Andros Starlighter, she taught Greea and Komad's son to be a Jedi but left him at the temple when they left for Setna. Upon returning she continued training him until he was allowed tobecome a full Jedi Knight. She also returned in a relationship with the scoundrel Matton Rand. She now spends time training younglings and going out on assignments always at a state of readiness, as if expecting a battle any moment.

After two years, another addition was made to the Starlighter family. Knowing that it was difficult, Jun-la made the choice to raise her daughter outside the Jedi Temple while she trains her padawan. Currently she is with her padawan on the forest world of Amshrey.

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