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Originally Posted by GeorgNihilus View Post
Well Dak, another impressive work of yours ...
I think I'm gonna keep these 2 instead of Revan's robes ... yep. About the others, I'd like to have at least a couple of female armored robes but replacing the slave outfit column bothers me a little ... nevertheless; doing an uti with a twilek disguise for the dancer kit was a smart tweak indeed ... in case I do change my mind.

I'll probably replace the armored flight suits female column to try a couple of female armored robes ...

thanks for sharing, outstanding job again
Thanks! These do replace the revan robe model, but the disguise robes should still work (never liked the regular star forge model anyway).

someone should have foreseen this game was gonna need additional appearance 'columns' to add outfits ... if it was possible to add 'unused' columns that is ...
Yeah I really wish we could add more because then we would have unlimited possibilities of neat models

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Could we get a close up of the medal on the robes?

(Thanks for the mention in the credits by the way!)
No problem - you were very helpful! The medal is just photo-sourced from some military medal, I can try to get a close-up or just find a picture similar to it.

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