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Sleeping can be an issue with Win7.

Make sure that you have your BIOS up to date, and then look at your BIOS settings regarding sleep, and power usage policies in general.

Then go through your Power Management in win7 and make sure your settings are matched up with what you prescribed in your BIOS.

This was an issue for me with an older machine I upgraded to 7, it is probably not as necessary with your brand new, top-end machinery, but still worth a look if you are still experiencing sleep/hibernation issues.

Nice rig ya built, Lynk! I echo Char Ell, come on and get folding! Your GPU has a warranty, test it! I am going to fold on my 460 until it explodes, because I just don't game on that machine very often, and the extra dollar or two on the power bill is worth it for me... it is probably my only measurable contribution to society

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