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Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
Do we? Somehow I don't recall a single moment of that in the first game. What he struggles with are his loyalties, but both his loyalty to Vader and his loyalty to Juno are based on emotion. Fear, anger, and lust for power in case of Vader and passionate love in case of Juno. Both of those are dark side motives.

Actually I think it did. Before he went in he wasn't sure what to do. The cave reawakaned his love for Juno and his desire to protect her at all costs. Which is of course the exact same emotion that caused Anakin to turn into Vader.

Which is why I've always maintained that Starkiller is and always has been a total darksider.
I agree with you that Starkiller is following a path very similar to Anakin, but I disagree that he's a darksider. There's a distinct difference... The Sith (and Anakin) are focused on selfish needs and the acquisition of people, things, and power.. Starkiller isn't. He willingly sacrificed himself for the rebellion (including Juno).

When they were above the Death Star and kissed, Starkiller was convinced he would never see Juno again, and yet he still continued with his mission. Anakin would never have done that. He wouldn't have willingly given up Amidala for any greater cause. He would not have accepted that premise. He loved her, but he also wanted to possess her. In TFU1, that wasn't Starkiller at all. He loved Juno (which the Jedi forbid), but he didn't want her as a possession (which the Sith promote).

I think the whole point to Starkiller is that he isn't following either path, which makes him a danger to both sides. He follows no ideals, which is the foundation of the light and the dark side.

I think - if anything - he's more akin to Qui Gon Jinn (although I'll grant you, he is a little dark). He is incredibly powerful, but completely ignores the tenants of both the Sith and the Jedi if he thinks they aren't applicable to his mission.

In short, I think the point to Starkiller is that he's something completely new. Neither Sith nor Jedi.

And Kota - in true jedi form - just seems to want to manipulate Starkiller in the same way that Yoda and Obi Wan manipulated Luke.
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