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Even assuming such a problem exists (for which there is zero evidence anywhere), there are other ways to address it besides making the thing out of solid gold. Like, for example, painting the offending metal with a non-irritant paint or wrapping the hilt in leather. Or making it out of plastic. Or ceramics. We make brake discs out of ceramic compounds and guns out of plastics, so they're plenty strong. Carbon fiber? Kevlar? Quite a few very strong materials to choose from even in our primitive planet-bound civilization, so I don't buy the medical necessity justification. Hell, he could've made it out of wood if he wanted to. But he chose gold. I think that says something.

And I have no idea if Jackson requested it or not. If, as Plinkett thinks, he was cast in the role in order to make the films appeal to black people (which seems entirely plausible to me), then he may well have had nothing to do with it. But regardless of the meta-reason for why Windu's lightsaber is made of gold, the fact is it is in the movie, and as such it does say something about the character who made it and uses it.

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