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R4 beeped saying that things were set and beeped that they should follow him. Jun-la kept her guard up as if to ward off Pestilus. True he would be a valuable prisoner but right now the concern was destroying the bioweapon and if that meant letting him go, then it would be for a greater good. "Go back the way you came," she said to her companions. She gave a meaningful nod to Matton who understood that he was to lead them.

Matton backed away and began trying to herd the others out of the facility. "Come on. Let's go."


Tavaryn was still reeling from the effects the memory was giving him but he had enough control to see what Alriana was pointing at. He saw the trooper and the remote and a plan began to form. He said, "Wait here. When the opportunity comes, take it."

Tavaryn then began to sling downwards to the unsuspecting troopers. From the perch closest to them, he leapt and landed so quiet, no one heard. His position was still in the shadows so no one took notice. He stood up and then said out loud, "Hello there."

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