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He turned around quickly, seeing Karela running toward him.

The Samurai gave a quick nod, turning back to the battle to slash his naginata at one of the enemy Shinobi. His attention returned to her when she grabbed his hand.

"I promise you that we'll come back someday, but right now we need to leave. Your people need you now."

He couldn't just leave the village...he had worked so hard to create a stable land for his Father's people to survive upon. It felt wrong to simply abandon the village that belonged both to the people as much as it belonged to himself. But he knew Karela was right, today couldn't be that day when the village could be restabilized...they needed to survive first.

Akagi looked at her, " be it. We will retreat..."

He hoped the stricken tone in his voice failed to show. He needed to lead his people, not panic.

"Samurai!!! Retreat to the villagers!! Guard the road!! We must make sure they make it!"

He and the other Samurai rushed back across the bridge, racing to save the refugees.

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