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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
@Q - I really like the details around the eye "cameras"... is that echoed a little on the back of the mask as well? It looks to be from the first image at top, but the angle prevents seeing what is happening back there. My thought on the mask "eyeholes" is that the exposed mask surfaces that are revealed by the cut-out could use a different color, while still keeping the shadows you have. Just for ya... looks awesome!
Oh, the eye lenses aren't textured yet, you see the green and white lines from the UVWmap
It's really a very early shot; but expect more going on at the front around the eyes soon, texture-wise. There is some extra detail at the back though, it's not flat. There's some techy stuff poking out with some small "tubes". Guess it might be a part of a breathing aparatus, build into the mask.

EDIT: Here's a new shot, worked more on the front of the mask and just for fun a shot from the back of the helmet:

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EDIT2: After further "wast'n" time on this mask I had a go at a test run in the game. It looks pretty; but there are some faults in the model I need to get out.
Texture gets very wonky stretched in certain spots. But nothing that I haven't solved before.

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