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"Hello there."

The group of solders quickly turned toward Tavaryn and brought their blaster rifles up and quickly aimed them at Tavaryn. The commander of the squad who was holding the remote smiled at him.

"It looks as if the Jedi had a friend outside the lab." The commander pulled out a blaster pistol and pointed it at Tavaryn's head. " appears that my men and I have the opportunity to kill a jedi."

Republic outpost

Admiral Belina slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the celling. The last thing she remembered was a console flashing a warning about feedback damage and then a bright flash of light. And then the next thing she knew, she was here.

She turned over and looked over to see that Komad was sleeping in a bed on the other side of the room. She looked down at her stomach and noticed that there were bandages around it. She brought her hand up to her face and noticed that there were bandages covering some of her face.

Oh...thats right. The console blew up. Guess it was a bad idea to take the Ackbar into combat while it was still under repair.

She looked down at a control panel next to the bed and hit the button that would summon a nurse or a doctor. She wanted to know how soon she could get back to her ship.
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