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Originally Posted by Slayer93 View Post
Society, stance, similair and opinion might sway and may even break but everyone really already knows what is right and wrong.
uh yeah...then, what does "everyone " mean? "Nothing" or "just some people", which means the same...? Sorry, you lost me, right there.... huh!?!...As a "westerner", did you ever read about ancient Greece?..and even more "recent" authors?

Besides what is the problem when two people love each other? I couldn't care less about what two consenting people do in their bedroom: it doesn't hurt anyone and even the better if they love each other. As a Christian "offspring" (or whatever you want to call it) of an ex-catholic nun and priest (lol), I have always been taught that the objective of Christianity was to be inclusive and to make life better while thinking about others, not worse, so where's the problem?

Also, in addition to what J7 said, that it could be psychological thing, I'd say that it can also be a physiological issue: sex is not always black or white...
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