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"Neither can we." Another voice called out, revealing himself to be a human male, clad in a darker version of Republic Guardsman armour, adorned with the number 5 in gold over the letter Esk in black. "The Jedi may object, but that virus is too valuable to destroy. And don't expect his mercy from me."


"The door was sealed after we entered, but other than that, it shouldn't be too hard to get out of here." Andorra commented, following Matton out of the facility.

Republic Outpost

Komad then awoke, smiling after seeing both Belina alive and Iyav waiting for him outside. Though he was still groggy, he managed to easily get back on his feet. He then exited the room, and he and Iyav shared a passionate kiss. When their lips parted, Komad stated, "I told them it was just exhaustion, and I'd be fine."

"You were right, but they were just playing it safe." Iyav explained.

"What about Belina?" Komad inquired.

"They say she'll be fine, but some permanent scarring is to be expected. If it hadn't been for you, it would have been a lot worse." Iyav replied.

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