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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
There is no evidence for that either.
Actually there is some indirect evidence for that, which Plinkett presents. There's no denying that Jackson has a lot more mainstream appeal than other black actors, like Morgan Freeman and others he mentions. There has to be a reason why he was cast into this completely inappropriate role instead of one of the other, more suitable candidates. Now I grant you, it is entirely possible the reason was just somebody's incompetence. But given how unfocused the movies are and how many different target groups they attempt to appeal to, it seems more likely to me that his presence was another one of those attempts. The fact that he has a gold-plated, bling lightsaber seems to support that interpretation. If it was just incompetence, there would be no reason for him to have that. Maybe it's coincidence, but to me it seems calculated and intentional.

in my opinion that's a very racist way of thinking
I see nothing racist about thinking that an actor was cast in a role that doesn't suit him in order to appeal to a minority with which he is popular and that probably wouldn't go see the film if he wasn't in it. Whether or not that actor and minority are black is just incidental.
Now what really is racist are some of the aliens in the movies. Like the slimey, amoral space-Jew Watto, or the incompetent Neimoidians with the ridiculously overblown Asian accents. Or this thing, which of course is a rather shocking caricature of these. But that's a topic for a whole another discussion, and I know how much you dislike going off-topic.
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