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In a galaxy, far, far away...

Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic: The Shadow Empire
It is a peaceful time for THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC. 3 years after the defeat of the Sith Lord DARTH TRAYA, the galaxy iss slowly rebuilding itself, healing her wounds. Thanks to the JEDI EXILE the Republic was preserved, but a new dark threat seeks to destroy the Republic from behind the borders of the KNOWN GALAXY...

Silently I entered the stone room, and there he sat in his meditative position. "It is so easy, just do it..." I thought, but my thoughts had made him aware of my presence. "Why have you come, is there something wrong?" He asked me. "Just do it, you have planned this for a long time, do it!" I thought again. "No, not exactly." I answered to his question, switching on my lightsaber. He looked at me, and he stared into my eyes. "Don't do this, restrain yourself from the Dark Side..." I grinned dark. "I shall do this quickly, my love. You shall feel no pain..." Then I saw his stance change, he submitted himself already to death, so I did it, a single cut of my lightsaber ended his life...

"She will destroy you..."
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