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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
How is it an inappropriate role?
Because Jackson isn't so good with sitting around and being wise. Just try to remember what films he's been in, and I guarantee you the ones that come to mind are the ones where he points guns and shouts a lot.

Or maybe he asked to have that?
Maybe. Maybe he didn't.

And how can you say now that being black is just incidental after you said "he was cast in the role in order to make the films appeal to black people (which seems entirely plausible to me)"?
Because that's the target audience in question? I really don't see what your point is here.

I see nothing racist with that.
Yeah, that's kinda the problem, isn't it?

Accents and behaviour have to be based on real life humans.
No they don't.

And to attribute races to them is again another racist way of thinking.
Exactly my point. So why did Lucas do it? Why did he make them caricatures of foreigners?
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