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Chapter 1: The beginning of the tainted path...

I looked at the barren wasteland that was called Korriban. Though it was just a barren wasteland, it held many secrets within its sands, rocks and tombs. Secrets which I hungered to learn, but I could not give in to it, at least not now. I looked behind me and saw Jolee Bindo exiting the ship. He frowned as he looked at Korriban's landscape. "Bastila, are you sure it was a good idea to come here?" He asked me. I looked in front of me again as I answered. "No, but this has to be done. The Sith may have been defeated, but it doesn't mean they are gone. If we are to prepare ourselves and the Republic in case they would return, we will need to find what knowledge we can, and use it against them." Of course this wasn't my true intention, though I intended on finding Sith Holocrons. When Revan visited Korriban, and started the Sith Academy, he must have left some knowledge of the Dark Side behind, he must have. This knowledge would silence my hunger to know Korriban's secrets, as Korriban would be *mine* then. I didn't care if it would corrupt me, my journey on the tainted path had already began, and I didn't intend to end the journey.
Jolee and I walked through the Valley of the Dark Lords. The power of the Dark Side was very strong in this place, it was empowering me with its energy. You could also feel the energies, left behind by those strong in the force. It were like footsteps preserved in the soil, waiting to be found by future Jedi and Sith.
Eventually we reached the entrance to the old Sith Academy. Its former glory was disappeared, and what remained were the ruins of what once was a training ground for Sith, whose loyalties lied with Revan and later Malak. The entrance itself was entirely collapsed, making it impossible to enter the academy. Jolee looked at me. "How do you plan to enter those ruins with the entrance itself collapsed." I looked back at him. "There is always a possibility to achieve your goal." I walked closer to the collapsed entrance, and examined it. "From what I see, someone did this on purpose. You can clearly see that there was used a thermal detonator to make it collapse." Jolee came next to me, and looked at me. "Perhaps that person had good reasons for doing it, so perhaps we should blow off this plan and return to Dantooine." I looked at Jolee and lifted an eyebrow. He understood the message and mumbled something. As I turned back my attention to the collapsed entrance, I saw a small opening in the rubble, and I crouched to take a closer look. I smiled when I saw it was large enough to let me pass into the academy. I stood up and looked at Jolee. He already knew what I wanted to say and he shook his head. "Forget it, girly, I am not going to enter the academy through that small opening. I am too old for such a thing." I lifted an eyebrow again and the sighed. "Jolee, I need your help. Who knows what is inside there, and I need someone who can look behind my back. We will need each other." I looked a bit begging at him. After a time of thinking he sighed deeply and looked down. "Why did I ever agree to this mission..."

The man sat in the center room of the Sith Academy, surrounded by dark side energies. As soon as he felt the two Jedi enter the academy, he opened his eyes. "Jedi? Here on Korriban?" The man thought. He stood up and left the room, disappearing in the shadows, waiting for his new prey to come...

I looked around the room, as Jolee came out of the small hole. He stood up with some pain and looked at me. "Next time you are planning to crawl through holes you should ask someone younger." I didn't pay much attention to him, as I felt the dark side pulse within the walls of the old academy. I walked further, venturing deeper into the academy, closely followed by Jolee. I entered the central room of the academy, though I didn't feel comfortable. I felt a presence which left this place not long ago. As stood in the middle of the room, I felt the presence stronger. I hadn't left the academy yet. It disturbed me, as I didn't expect anyone else here, except for myself and Jolee. I looked behind me, and I saw Jolee was in the same state as I. Apparently he also felt the presence. He looked at me. "This isn't good. There is someone else here, and I don't think he or she will be interested in a civilized chat." I nodded. "You are right, I felt the same. We should do what we must do quickly, and departure this planet." Yet only one of us would leave Korriban...

The man looked at the young woman and the elder man from behind the shadows. He observed every move they made, he analyzed every word they spoke, in order to find out what their purposes were. The mind of the elder man was easily to be read, the man experienced. Yet the mind of the woman, she could not get through her mental walls. It seemed to the man she was hiding something, something crucial. The man continued to observe the pair of Jedi, waiting for the right moment to strike...

I examined the room, and saw there were four ways to go. The one we just came out of, and three others. I would need to do this alone, so Jolee had to stay here, or else he might sense the change within me, and that I couldn't allow. I turned to him. "Jolee, I need you to stay here and guard our escape route in case we would be attacked. I will go on my own further into the academy." Jolee seemed relieved and nodded slightly. "Very well, may the force be with you girly..." He kneeled down and tried to center himself. I grinned dark and decided to take the corridor to my right side. I ventured down a long corridor, seeing several abandoned quarters. Eventually I came to the end of the corridor and the was only one way to go, left. I walked further but right after that I saw a large door, closed and infused with a lightsaber. I approached the door and felt a strong impression, likely left behind by a powerful Sith. I examined the door and tried to find means to open it, I could find none. So I decided to cut through the door. I draw my double-bladed yellow colored lightsaber, and stabbed it into the stone door. It seemed I had hit a critical point and the door opened without problems. I looked a bit amazed and entered the room which lied ahead of me. Upon entering the room, I saw it was just a regular quarter, which was likely used by the Headmaster of the academy, though one thing catched my attention. It was a pyramid-like marble object. I felt the dark side pulse within it, it was strong, very strong. I smiled hopeful and walked closer to the object. I stood in front of it and examined it. Upon touching the device, it sprang to life. I looked amazed and directly I felt a dark and eerie presence. "This is it, the Sith Holocron placed by Revan during his reign as dark lord." I thought, while admiring the Holocron. I took the smaller pyramid-like empty Holocron out of my pocket, and plugged it into Revan's Holocron. After I got what I wanted, I switched on my lightsaber and stabbed it into the Holocron, destroying it instantly.

The man kept observing Jolee Bindo as he meditated within the central room of the Academy. Suddenly the man felt a disturbance in the force. He looked shocked. "Revan's Holocron has been destroyed!" He thought. The event ended the man's concentration and Jolee noticed him. Jolee stood up, while drawing his lightsaber. "So you are the one who has been spying on us. You did a bad job, sonny." The man draw his lightsaber as well, it was red, redder then a laigreks eye. "You made a wrong choice by entering these ruins, old man. A regrettable choice." The Sith Lord struck with his lightsaber against Jolee's, therefore opening a duel...
I felt the disturbance coming from the central room. I kept my lightsaber on and used force speed to get there quickly. Upon my arrival I saw Jolee dueling with a Sith Lord. Jolee had the upper hand, and quickly won the duel, killing the Sith by stabbing him through his chest. Jolee hadn't noticed me yet. "This is my chance!" I thought. As quick and silent as I could I crept towards him and with a single strike of my lightsaber, I beheaded him...

"She will destroy you..."
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