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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
That's a matter of opinion.
No it's not. See? I can make an assertion too.

So, in your opinion, an actor should only accept roles similar to the ones he had before. Interesting.
Again with the straw men. I wasn't talking about why an actor should or shouldn't accept roles at all, let alone about a specific reason. What I was talking about was why the filmmakers wanted to have him in that role, and I think you damn well know it.

That's right. It's all assumptions.
Actually in my case it's inference based on indirect evidence. In yours it's just a contrarian speculation with nothing holding it up.

The target audience is black people?!
I do think Jackson's casting was an attempt to broaden the appeal of the films in that direction, yes.

I never thought Star Wars was about race...
Really? So the Empire's xenophobia and pro-human bias escaped you? Even in the Original Trilogy there's a very subtle subtext of all the Rebels having American accents and all the Imperials being Brits. I guess you didn't notice that.

They don't? How would you understand the behaviour, intention, etc, of a character without human traits?
So I guess you had no idea what Poggle the Lesser was on about until you watched a version with subtitles, huh?
On a deeper level, it may not have occurred to you that maybe we shouldn't be able to understand those things about alien characters because they're alien. If you have aliens who think, feel, and act like humans, then why not just have humans? Admittedly this problem isn't limited to SW, the vast majority of science fiction suffers from it.

I'm not the one who sees caricatures of foreigners on those characters. Therefore I can't answer your question.
So on the one hand you argue that they have human traits for a reason, and on the other hand you can't see those traits? It seems to me you're just arguing this way or that depending on what suits you, ie. whichever position allows you to say something contrary to what I'm saying. You seem to have no problem arguing both ways within the same post, which to me indicates you're being disingenuous and intellectually dishonest. Which in turn makes me not want to waste time talking to you anymore. So I'll give you one more chance, either you straighten up in your next post or this conversation is over.
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