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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Because he asked for it.
So what? I seriously doubt the producers of a 350 million dollar film trilogy give out roles just because an actor asks, even if he's a famous one. And I don't even know if he did ask. Where are you getting that from?

Indirect evidence? Where?
A few posts above.

How? What does one thing have to do with the other?
I'm sorry, I've tried to explain this about three times already. If you haven't picked it up by now, I doubt you would if I kept trying.

I'm not talking in-universe. I'm talking about the Star Wars brand. It was never about race.
Oh, right. You think a movie about a bunch of white Americans fighting a bunch of white Brits in which the only black guy is a backstabbing con man is equally interesting and appealing to black people as it is to white people? I commend you on your deep understanding of the human psyche, sir.

Even Poggle the Lesser has humanoid traits.
Among which there isn't a ridiculous and offensive racist accent.

Indeed. The purpose is to have a variety of aliens on a big galaxy, but the aliens themselves are played by human beings. (most of them)
See, I would buy that excuse in case of, say, Star Trek, which is a low-budget TV show. Or the original trilogy. But the prequels, with their heavy use of CGI? Nah-uh. Lucas could've totally had fully CGI aliens that actually looked like aliens, not weird deformed people with green skin and a racist accent. I chalk it up to lack of creativity.

I see human traits (because they are played by humans), not caricatures of foreigners. And I'm the one with strawmen...
I don't see why you'd defend yourself by pointing out that you're insensitive and don't see it, but oh well. Who cares.

Feel free to leave the conversation, because I will too. This is not about the Jedi Temple anymore...
Well we could've talked about that. Except you quit that conversation too, and instead of resuming it now that it's been split into its own topic you decided to derail the thread by starting a conversation about racism. Which I'm perfectly fine with, but you don't get to whine about it being off-topic now that it hasn't gone your way. You picked the off-topic topic, mister, not me.
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