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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Id like to test this theory. How would you like to perform a little experiment for me?

Wait until a very hot, sunny day during a Phoenix summer, find a large black asphalt parking lot, and then walk across the parking lot on your tiptoes.
Already done that on a 118f day. Hurts like crazy, but my toes remained in tact(if a little red) Though I COULD try it on a 123 day(yes, that's what the temp gauge in my truck reported). To make matters worse, I drive a black truck with black interior. Even on the hottest days(like the days when the temp needle moves before you start the truck) I don't have a problem(though a bit painful).

I've lived in Colorado. Don't get me wrong, it is real pretty when the snow falls, but you have to drive. That means chip the ice off the windshield because the snow that hit your windshield while it was still warm froze solid as a sheet of ice. Driving an automatic pickup is a bad idea. Anything RWD Automatic without antilock brakes had best stay in the parking lot. Then you have the roads which get snow on them, then it warms up just enough to melt some of the snow on the roads so that it can re-freeze at night into a very slick sheet covered by a second layer of snow.

Then they drop down gravel to give some semblance of traction. Which is fine, because at least it isn't salt which just eats cars. Except that after the snow melts you have this layer of gravel that acts like ball bearings.

Then there's the shoveling... Shovel the driveway, carve out a path through the pile of snow the plow driver decided to leave in front of your driveway. Or worse, because you couldn't park your car in your driveway because it happens to have a bit of a slope which is now an icy slide, you slide down the thing with your shovel to dig out your now completely buried car only to find that you have a HUGE smashed pile of junk where your car used to be. Or if you live on a street where they don't shovel, you dig out your neighbor's cars while trying to figure out which lump of snow happened to be your car. Bonus points for finding a car with the keys in the ignition and two people asphyxiated and frozen because even though there are warnings all during the season NOT to run your car if you get stuck, people like having the warmth of a heater running.

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