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"No," Tonatius said, "Not zombies, something else." He motioned to Andorra to take more support of Kalla and walked to one of the walls. Methodically, he ran his hands, barely touching the surface.

Meanwhile R4 was beeping something about needing more time to override security. Matton replied, "How much?"

After the response, Matton asked, "Can it be opened with the lightsaber?"

R4 warbled a response in the negatory. The alloy could be burned through but should the gas be released, there would be no way for them to seal the door. Matton then asked Pradhes, "This gas, it only affects you if you breathe it in right?"


"Too dangerous to have such a weapon. All it does is give a license to kill," Tavaryn replied. He was keeping an eye on the trooper with the remote. If he could get that remote, it could buy time for the others.


Jun-la looked at Pestilus. True he was weakened but that didn't mean that she should let her guard down even though her companions were safely away, especiallly Matton. She looked at the dark lord and said, "What do you intend to do now?"

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