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"Too dangerous to have such a weapon. All it does is give a license to kill,"

The Imperial troop commander looked uncertainly at Tavaryn and then at the mysterious man who had seemingly came out of nowhere. He slowly moved the hand holding the remote toward his belt, this was all of the opportunity that Alriana needed.

She closed her eyes and opened herself to the force and the remote slipped out of the commander's hand and flew to Alriana's free hand. She smiled and ducked down in case the commander ordered his men to fire at her.

The remote is secure. she sent to Tavaryn. If you are ready then I think it's time we get rid of these imperials.

"We're aware of the risks, but our standing orders are clear: arm and protect the Third Galactic Republic against its enemies by any means available or necessary. And don't try ordering me to stand down; the Jedi Order has no jurisdiction over Echelon 5 operatives."

Alriana was puzzled. Why would someone from the republic wish to get ahold of such a dangerous weapon. And what is Echelon 5? I don't remember hearing of them before.

She waited for Tavaryn to give her instructions before doing anything.
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