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Originally Posted by starkiller1157 View Post
Also in the Revenge of the Sith Novelization, Yoda was speaking to Qui-Gon in the force and he(qui-gon) was teaching Yoda.

It's hard to understand if Anakin was ever taught this. There is no mention of it in the prequels. And originally, before I saw The Phantom Menace, I assumed it happened to all Jedi.

I'm curious where the developers were going with the story. At this point, I highly doubt there will be a 3rd game. It's gotten some pretty bad reviews and was even nominated as the top 5 worse sequels =/

I prefered the idea that Starkillers soul returned and entered one of the clones, but I don't think that's what the developers chose, since all the clones had the memories...
Anakin wasn't taught it because Obi Wan wasn't taught until after Anakin became Vader. Yoda first tells Obi Wan of it on the Tantive IV, just before they go into hiding.

That said, it's well established that Starkiller is an anomaly that seems to naturally come across some abilities that others had to be taught. It's completely possible that he developed the ability on his own, just as Qui Gon did.

I think Qui Gon was able to do it because his focus was on the "Living Force." The force that focused on the here and now. He followed his instincts more than any jedi code, and Starkiller lives by that exact same path. I think that opens the door to all sorts of possibilities with Starkiller and death (sadly).
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