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"As I said I am no Jedi," Tavaryn replied forcefully while making a slight movement of his fingers to indicate to Alriana that she could make her move. "I could draw on the Force just as any Force sensitive can but that doesn't make me a Jedi, Echleon 5" He looked at the mysterious man with a look that betrayed none of his thoughts.

There was a feeling though and he felt her distress. He only hoped that they could disarm the imperials and get to her.


Tonatius finished his search and said, "Our charges are not the only things here. I can feel the energies of grenade explosives. I think the enemy is trying to drive us out towards them."

Matton replied, "The critter down the hole trick. Damn." He paused for a moment and then looked back at the direction they had come. "Jun-la," was all he said and he ran back the way they came.

"Lady Jun-la is in trouble," Tonatius replied. "He would not have reacted like that if she wasn't." Turning to Pradhes he asked, "So we can use breathing gear to keep it from getting into our lungs if the worst should happen?"


Jun-la felt the surge of her energy being stripped from her and she felt weak suddenly and collapsed to the ground. It was one of the force powers that she hated the most. Still it put her at Pestilus' mercy and she knew that he knew it. Therefore it came as a surprise to her that he was allowing her to live. She looked at Pestilus before he retreated and spat out the only expletive that came to mind, "Sangtehut!"

As Pestilus turned to leave, she managed to summon enough energy to retaliate with a knife throw. It missed its mark but the message was clear. She then collapsed under exhaustion.

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