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Wow! I love stories in which Bastila is evil. I never liked her from the first moment I met her playing KOTOR. Sure, she is quite beautiful ("hot" to the fanboys), but she is also a self-righteous prig, whether acting as a Jedi OR a Sith. Her cold and calculating nature here fascinates me, although I wondered: Is this a version of KOTOR where Revan is a Dark Side Male? I assumed so, as Bastila would have been Dark Side too in the end. However, if that happens, then Jolee Bindo would have been dead (Revan would have killed him). So, my second theory is that Revan was Light Side in the end, and Bastila turned to the Dark Side because Revan betrayed/left her behind. If I'm totally wrong on both counts, let me know. I can't wait for more!
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