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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
I think that would kind of cheapen his redemption in the previous game, though. Darth Vader's secret apprentice, raised from childhood as a sort of twisted adoptive son to do his father's sick bidding, who overcomes all of that and helps usher in new hope for an oppressed galaxy and finds love in the process . . . only to be brought right back where he started, this time with virtually no will of his own whatsoever and ready and willing to murder his true love without a second thought?

That doesn't exactly strike me as epic. That strikes me as a ruined character.
Actually, it might be usable for a decent plot in TFU 3

I have an idea that it might be interesting if the player switched between the dark Apprentice and Starkiller every mission in TFU III. Through interactions with Juno, Kota and more importantly Starkiller, the Dark Apprentice might start to have doubts about the dark side and Vader's lies. In the climax, he would kill his clone at Vader's behest but in doing so he realizes that the clone is what he is supposed to be, that he is Galen Marek. Then he would make a last act against Vader and make a Heroic Sacrifice that saves the alliance and dies in the process.
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