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Chapter 2: Rebuilding the Republic

Supreme-Chancellor Cressa looked through the window to the epic skyline of Coruscant's Ecumenopolis, while smiling. He turned and looked at Chodo Habat, who smiled as well. "As I told you, the Telos Restoration project was finished successfully. The surface of Telos IV blooms again as it did before." Chodo Habat said. Cressa nodded and turned to Chodo. "If it weren't for the Jedi Exile we never would be at this point." He sighed. " I will tell you this, three years earlier, on this same day, I was sure the Republic would collapse within weeks. But then, she came, the Jedi Exile." He sits down on his chair in front of his desk. "It was as if she observed what happened to the galaxy during her exile. She restored order on Dantooine, helped her Royal highness Queen Talia and the Royalists and brought hope back to Nar Shaddaa." He sighed once more. "But the poor girl died, it is a great loss." He looked at Chodo, who was doubting the Chancellor's words. "With all your respect, your excellence, but are you sure the Jedi Exile died? As you know I am an adept in the force, and I didn't feel her death. Perhaps she went after Revan, like she followed him during the Mandalorian Wars." Cressa looked down, thinking deeply. "It might be true she still lives. If so, then we should try to find her, as she is the key to restoring the Jedi Order." After saying that, Cressa stood up and looked with a smile at Chodo. "But for now we have a Republic to rebuild." Then both the Chancellor and Chodo went towards the Senate Hall...

"She will destroy you..."
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