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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Three things for me:

1. I want the Dark Apprentice to be the second main villain, other than Vader. As I've explained in other posts, the only thing that makes sense is that he exists, even though he didn't end up striking Starkiller down. If they ignore him, they've thrown an immensely powerful character out there into Star Wars canon with his fate unsealed, and that's a problem.

2. I want Maris Brood's story finished. What became of her after swearing to abandon the dark side? Was she successful? Was she telling the truth?

3. This will probably not happen, but I want the story to begin where Galen and Kota have been studying the ancient Jedi technique of cutting someone off from the Force, as shown in Tales of the Jedi and toyed with in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, so that they can deal with Darth Vader who is in their captivity. However, Vader breaks free before this can be completed, and in the end, Starkiller somehow realizes that he has to perform the ritual on both himself and the Dark Apprentice in order to save the galaxy, sort of as a way of sacrificing himself without actually dying. After this, he could become a simple general in the Rebel Alliance, being called General Marek or something (this idea is inspired by the alternate outfit that you can download for the first game, which I've always liked).

By reasons for this last one are twofold: a) We know that Starkiller can't continue to exist as an ultra-powerful Force user for the Rebellion at the time of the films because it belittles Luke. b) Starkiller has already died once, sacrificing himself for the Rebellion, and a second sacrificial death will be extremely redundant (see Neo in The Matrix). By giving up his powers, it's a way for him to step down and let Luke take the spotlight without a cheap second death.
I like your ideas, not so sure about the last one though. It'd be hard to work out a situation where Starkiller decides to just cut himself and the Dark apprentice off from the force. I'd rather he just died after killing the dark apprentice, it just seems a bit contrived. Maybe a better way would be not a sacrificial death.

Instead, the dark apprentice kills Juno and Starkiller goes after him for revenge, but after defeating him he realizes that that the dark apprentice was nothing more than what he could all too easily have become and that revenge was not something Juno would want him to turn to the darkside over. The dark apprentice grows enraged when Starkiller refuses to kill him, believing that he has failed his master and attacks Starkiller, who raises his saber and kills the dark apprentice in self defense... just before Vader's saber cuts through his back.
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