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Hi wolf373, I got a savegame around those parts. I've finished Tatooine, Kashyyk and Manaan. I have just escaped Leviathan, but my game keeps crashing after the space combat is finished and the game starts loading to next part. I've tried every "fix" I've found, but none of them help. PM me your e-mail address, I send you the savegame and in return it would be nice you send me the savegame back after the game has been saved on Korriban or in Ebon Hawk after space combat is over and the game has loaded succesfully.
Hey Bubbless, thank you very much for your response. Unfortunately, though, my winter break for college just finished so I'm not sure if I'll have time to play before spring break or summer break... I'm really sorry about that. But if you're still having trouble with your game and if you're still around these forums, I'll PM you and see if you wanna do that exchange eventually. Thanks so much again!
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