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I know this isn't an official channel, but I'm not joining another forum so I might as well add:

1. I liked Lightning Shield better than Mind Trick.
2. I liked the idea of having two types of saber crystals despite the inaccuracy. Let's keep color preference separate from functionality.
3. It would be a nice touch to let us switch between one and two lightsabers.
4. It was nice to have actual droid giants instead of rancors and floating scrap metal. But I miss the rancors.
6. I miss Felucia and Kashyyyk. Enough with the interiors of ships and futuristic cities. Let's go back into the jungle and get attacked by a huge sentient plant again.

In other words, I liked TFU1 much more. In fact, the only improvements I actually enjoyed are duel wield, Force Fury, the Databank, and the Challenges.

Other things:

The kill animations and saber-locks are so redundant it's annoying. Sometimes I just ignore them so I don't have to watch Starkiller do the same moves over and over again. The final battle with Vader had me practically pulling my hair out every time Starkiller squeaked out another cliched threat.

It would be interesting if the game rated your performance in each level and tracked game completion (holocron count and campaign progress; I don't remember if the old game had any of this or not).

Let's get some turrets in there like SWBF. You don't have to go as far as vehicles (the Terror Walker was a nice touch), but the environment should be slightly more interactive. Also, I'd like to see some more complicated holocron gets, i.e. stacking more than one block to reach a height or having to use double dash (maybe this is in the game but I haven't seen it yet). Even though it was frustrating, I highly enjoyed acquiring the black saber crystal in TFU1.

Maybe costume properties would be a nice touch. For example, wearing a full suit of armor would offer better protection but less mobility. It's not realistic to take the same damage regardless of armor amount.

I like the purchasing system but there is still something to be said for instantly leveling up mid-battle and suddenly acquiring new skills.

I really like calling in airstrikes.

Add some fun ziplines.

Sith Acolytes can create instant defensive fields. Why can't Starkiller? It would be awesome if he could just throw up a Protego charm like Harry Potter (yes, I just went there). It would obviously be useless against melee. The failed clones (which the acolytes might in fact be) can do it too if I remember correctly.

That's all I can think of for now.
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