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I said this in another thread so I'm gonna copy and paste it since it has to do with this thread.

(Stuff that didn't quite relate to this topic)...
...Don't get me wrong, I like both games a lot. For TFU3 to be successful, LA needs to go out with a bang. They need some answers that were unanswered in TFU2, and they need to fulfill the fans gameplay needs, such as making it longer. I honestly would have thought if in TFU2, that they gave a twist near or at the end of the game, such as Starkiller getting a vision, but not a vision of things from the first game, or like 5 minutes in the future like when he had a vision of him holding Juno during his fight with Vader. I'm thinking he should've had a vision of right after his "death" and what Vader and Palpatine did with him afterward, revealing whether or not he's a clone. Also, by lengthening the game for TFU3, I'm not sure how they would do that since it's so soon before ANH that there isn't that much time, and that it would be strange if Starkiller's going from planet to planet destroying random Imperial bases for no reason. They'd probably have to do what they did in TFU2 again, which was have a little amount of planets and locations, but have them spend a lot of time at each and split them up into sections, I'm not too sure about that part.

As for the saber thing, We used 1 for TFU1, and 2 for TFU2, and for TFU3 that doesn't mean now we should get a double-bladed lightsaber. While they are cool, it doesn't fit this game and the character. I thinking you should be able to switch between 1 and 2, both being equal in there own ways, like single-blade for more strong attacks with fewer enemies and dual-blade for speed and a lot of enemies. And make each boss fight have 2 different QTE scenarios depending on whether or not you're using 1 or 2 sabers. So it's not like 2 sabers - 1 saber = single blade. They would be 2 different styles, one style with 2 blades and one with 1, making 3 so it fits the name. What do you guys think of this idea?

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Yeah, I'm pretty anal about wording stuff right, especially when it comes to claiming something as fact that I damn well know to be a matter of opinion. That's just asking to be ripped a new one. No hard feelings, eh?
Sorry for this reply being late and in a different thread, but yeah no hard feelings man.

"All too easy."
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