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As far as the storyline for TFU III I have faith it will be enjoyable. Despite all the negative reviews and confusion of TFU II, we are all still discussing the ending and interpretation. The game left an impresion and left me anticipating the next installment. In my opinion the storyline was not the weak point of TFU II.

What I would like to see return in TFU III are some of the extras and details that made TFU I so good.

- Bring back the end stage summaries that totaled how many of a certain enemy you killed, what your score for the level was etc.

- I liked the extra challenges within the levels (like release the sarlaac tentacles). Bring those back.

- A bigger variety of enemies...I never once though that TFU I had too many different enemies. The more species and characters the better. This is the Star Wars universe, full of different species and humanoids...TFU I had Jawas, Rodians, Ugnaughts, Imperials, Droids, Junk Monsters, Felucians, Rancors and most importantly Jedi. I had more fun with the end boss of the Endor DLC than any of the TFU II bosses.

- While I thought the lightsaber customization in TFU II was cool, I would rather a combination of the TFU I and TFU II systems. Let me pick the color and the effect separate.

- More variety in levels and NPC. While Cato Neimodia was cool, it seemed so empty. Why weren't there any Neimodians scrambling for shelter while the city was on lockdown? I mean we saw a couple frozen in the casino...I am not really up on my EU lore, but there were really no Kamionians left on Kamino...?

- Little things like the combo name and enemy name appearing near the health/force meters were cool. I know they were probably trying to clean up the HUD, but I missed that little detail.

- Holocrons. I was almost looking forward to exploring and searching and manipulating the environment looking for Holocrons more than anything else in TFU II...and boy was I let down. TFU I made it challenging to get these things. Hidden up high...hidden behind bendable shards of metal...hidden across vast chasms. In TFU II they were just...there.

- Speaking of Holocrons, I would much rather the Holocrons hold the game bonuses like crystals, skins etc then the challenges.

- The ability to skip cutscenes more freely. I know they added the "skip" feature, but honestly when I'm playing through the game for the the 4th time, or just replaying levels with a different skin I would like to not have to hear Kota telling me to "clear the deck Starkiller...we got to get our fighters out there!" for the umpteenth time. For a perfect example of how cutscenes can be handled check out Bayonetta.

- More Easter Eggs man! We had the clone helmet, the Falcon, C-3PO, Sterns room in TFU I...just cool little things like.

I have more...I'm just tired of typing on this iPad...
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