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Lyna looked at Cade and smiled. "No, I got my own ship. It's on the landing platform. And yeah, I can wait for you, no problem. I'll be at the ship. Oh, and we're going to Nal Hutta. A Hutt named Vedo has information I need." And with that she walked back towards her ship, thinking about what Cade said. She did feel bad for his loss, no doubt about that. She'd feel bad if she lost a loved one too...

Moments later, Lyna was back inside Justice. "Get ready, Isaac and Cyan. We'll be waiting on Cade when he's ready." She walked to the cockpit to sit down.


After they said their good-byes, Saluna and Tino walked behind the three people, holding hands. Tino looked up at Saluna with teary eyes. "Are we gonna be okay?"

The young woman smiled down at her little cousin and smiled. "Trust in the Force, Tino. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." The seven-year-old rested his head on Saluna's arm, and smiled tearfully.

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