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True, true, and thus I shall! (Don't know why I've waited so long...)

NAME: Perdre (yeah, shoot me) Valie (rhymes with "Jolie")

RACE: Human

GENDER: Female

AGE: 33

TYPE OF REAVER: Bloodreaver


BACKSTORY: All Perdre remembers from waking up after one of her long and hard-fought battles is whispering the answer "Everything..." after hearing the murmured words, "What will you exchange to be brought back to...?" She is a Bloodreaver now, meaning a mortal hematophage/semi-vampire. Needing to draw blood to live, she prefers to do so upon those who are no longer living--the enemies she's just slain. She is not evil--far from it. She is simply a lost soul who wonders about the person who gave her a long drink of his/her own blood in order to revivivfy her--and awaken her new powers. Perdre believes it is the Prime Reaver himself/herself who has done so, although she's unsure. Will her quest for answers lead to inner peace, or a bitter desire for revenge?
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