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Yes, just like the taxicab stabber was one of the tea party. Seems that every time one of the left's people gets attacked, they scream, "There's another Tea[partier] doing bad things" Then a few days later we find that the attacker was actually one of the leftists. Yet there has never been an apology from those leftists here who accused the right of being violent monsters. So far none of the violence that has been blamed on the Tea Party has actually been done by tea party members.

Oh and maybe, JUST MAYBE, before you go and accuse the righties, you might do a bit of research.

Jared Lee Loughner was at best, a nutjob. He talked of mind control and was pretty well rambling in his youtube videos. Oh and in case you bring up that he was against the takeover by the government, he also happens to like the US flag burning vid. Not exactly typical of the over the top nationalist right wingers.

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