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Scans of the Game Informer article went up last night, here ye go.

Here's what I see:

- Two centuries into the future
- A "redesigned" engine. Probably a reworking of the Gamebryo one?
- A redesigned interface...
- No classes, gameplay is now entirely dependent on how you play, what skills you use etc.
- Dual-weilding of any combination of weapons, shields, magic, etc. For eg. shield and sword, magic and axe, etc.
- One new perk every level, Fallout 3-style
- Dragons! You'll be fighting lots of lesser dragons, and the end boss is presumably Alduin, the super god-Dragon thing or whatever that is going to destroy the world (no he's not)
- The player is a rare Dragonborn who is destined to slay dragons, but at the same time discover the mysteries behind why the dragons are back and how they prefer their tea
- The king of Skyrim is dead - civil war time!

- You can now forge weapons, enchant stuff, cook, cut wood, mine and so on. Farming will probably be a DLC.
- No more zoom-in conversations! Characters that can walk about and do stuff while they talk! No word on the quality of writing.
- Swap your combat loadout with the touch of a button
- The higher you raise your skill, the more it contributes to levelling. For eg. raising one skill from 34 to 35 will make you level faster than raising another from 11 to 12. Conclusion: Jack of all trades have it slower.
- Level cap is 50, but not a hard cap; you will continue to level-up very slowly after that.

- Bows are slower, but much more powerful
- Melee combat is now more energetic and dynamic and all that
- Backpedalling is now much slower than your walk-forward speed
- Five schools of magic; Mysticism has been removed and its spells have been thrown about

- If you drop a weapon, there's a chance it might lie there, or a young boy might pick it up and return it to you, or two burly men might try to fight over it. The highlight here is that there will be little boys in the game and you can probably kill them, too.
- Level-scaling is fun!
- The game will tailor to how you have played. If a woman asks you to save her daughter from kidnappers, the quest will be set in a dungeon the game knows you haven't explored.
- Similarly, there's a vast storehouse of knowledge on the decisions you have made, and how you have played the game. Sounds promising.

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