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well Lynk, I think a bit of the best explanation goes to "Qui-Gon Glenn", which I believe I do have a little bit of a problem in "clearly" explaining my ideas from time to time.

The idea is not exactly if someone would post irregularly before 1k (or what ever agreed that number of posts) but merely the time of regularly to make his/her posts given that said person has been a member for X-years

It would have to be at least a forum veteran with X amount of posts with X period 'known' (year amount)
And of course this requirement would be have to limited to a small number of posts.

if it were a minimum than anyone over the 5yr mark would be qualified. but if people whom do post regularly with an maximum X post count, means that 'post pumping' can not EVER be achieved by people like you or me (Lynk).

By default, with my idea, we are currently disqualified from said achievement.

As of right now I can say a couple of names < Luka_YJK (the main reason why) < (Rogue For Hire (whom since 2003 does not have any vet badges)

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