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Kay I was going to stop posting here just because tensions arise. But to this I just have to say something.

As a libertarian I have never been particularly a fan of Palin despite my rightward lean. Personally I abhor that she shoots wolves. Having had a 69-72% wolf hybrid myself, I can tell you it is not like having a dog. So she's on my ****-list for that.
Still this appears, at best, to be indirect influence. Until we have evidence of direct influence, the most that can be done to Palin is to shake a finger at her.

The shooter ought to be made to bear the full brunt of his responsibility for his own actions. Period.

I can foresee several issues coming up as a consequence of this:
-Reinforces the negative stereotype/image of our military. If you have had personal bad experience with military, then that's one thing and a little irrationality is allowed. (I may still press you on it, though.)

-This will get the anti-gun "We'll 'fix' the 2nd amendment" crowd in a frenzy again to ban guns or at least put more restrictive laws on them as well as a statist supervisory monitoring program by the government. You could get rid of all nukes and guns and some idiot/s would later accidentally re/discover how to make them (all over again).

-Censorship issues may come up. You may be (insert political lean/affiliation) wanting to shut up your opposite, but remember it'll eventually backfire because censorship cuts both directions.

It is sad that things had to come to this, today. Offering my condolences: My thoughts and prayers are with Gabrielle Giffords, the congresswoman. I hope yours are as well regardless your personal beliefs.

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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