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Originally Posted by Klw View Post
Oh and one more thing:

There was a gladiatorial arena in the game, practically a trademark of the SW franchise, but all we got to do in it is run from side to side on a ledge trying not to get squashed. The game developers missed a major opportunity here: I'm talking waves of animals (or melee warriors, but never droids) with increasing difficulty, either in the campaign or the challenges. Why does Kota get to have all the fun? The challenges did have various forms of wave combat, but nothing beats the environment of a gladiatorial contest with cheering crowds.
That's actually a really cool idea. I don't know about using it in TFU3 as something during the campaign but as a challenge or even separate mode like a survival mode it would be great.

I'm still wondering why they changed the Gorog design for the final game from the teaser trailer. The one for the final game definitely looks more menacing and scary-looking, but the teaser trailer version looks more like it's from Starwars, since I swear they used the same face for it as one of the gladiators that Asajj Ventress fights from the Clone Wars cartoon, or a very similar one.

Edit: While the early Gorog and the character I was referring to had a some similarities, it was nothing worth posting, since the similarity was just the face shape, nothing more *sigh*. I still standby what I said though, the Gorog from the trailer looked more Starwars-y to me.

"All too easy."

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