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Thank you for replie Doctor. It would help me, but it's not exactly what i were thinking about.
I don't remeber the fighter's skills(...few years ago...), but i remember that the number of opponents were still the same(3, or 4 somewhere even 5), in all fights. I think that, it would be a lot funnier to kill much more enemies.
I tried to make new opponents in editor, but... i don't know how it works.
Did anybody had used editor to add some new creatures? I don't forget that on taris in the lowest, there were not enough monsters(or something like that), and gangs wars weren't really wars. In the first base sith weren't as powerfull(amount of enemies) as i thought, when i were going there.

Question to doctor: If i upload that mod(and make game more difficult) will there be more enemies, or the same number?

Today, i tried to use KT to add some enemies, but there are problems... Where can i find information how to add( not to edit) utc files?

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