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Originally Posted by Samnmax221 View Post
No it's not. We're talking about a bunch of reckless celebrity *******s (Beck, Palin, O'Reilly) who have spent the last 2 years whipping crazy people into a frenzy, and then acting like they have no responsibility when one of those people goes nuts. O'Reilly spent years calling George Tiller a murderer (No he wasn't) and then gets all quiet when some nutjob kills him. What this kind of **** has lead to is pretty similar to all the militia bull**** that went on back in the 90's, the problem now is everyone has the internet, and 24 hour propaganda broadcasts masquerading as news.
Post reminds me of the situation in Pakistan right now - a mass radicalisation of the youth via the mass media, passing right through the corrupt and ineffective government. Resulted in the governor of the Punjab province of the country being killed by one of his security guards, over a blasphemy law that he opposed.

Since Taseer's death, rather than being condemned, was celebrated by radicalised people across the country, it's pretty safe to say that Pakistan's heading down an anti-liberal, ultra-religious fundie path that may end up having serious consequences 20-30 years down the road.

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