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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Through Theory and or fact regarding Evolution, anthropology, carbon dating etc clashing with the Bibles teachings, these people believe that Religion/Monotheism should be taken as a metaphor for the human ideal; love, peace, etc. As such they follow the teaching of Jesus without the part that assumes god is real...
I don't think it evolution is incompatible with Christianity. The interpretation given by Fundamentalists baffles me all the time: they are like the Pharisians of our time (for an interesting perspective, see Hans Kung.

As for my belief in god, Voltaire said it all: "L'univers m'embarrasse, et je ne puis songer que cette horloge existe et n'ait point d'horloger." ("The universe puzzles me, I cannot believe that this clock exists, and has no clockmaker."- I think it is also in line with the interview linked to, above)
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