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I really need to learn to be direct with my Threads/posts hehe as people tend to go straight for my ill informed banter rather than the subject line if you catch my drift, the Evolution business was a direct quote from the TV Host, I neither fully understand the Christian teachings nor Science to Argue for either. I think my main reason for bringing this up is that I have a Hard time with some of the decisions/actions that are made/taken because of religion... Death, cultural separation, War, Intolerance (of course there are numerous Positives) Why spend Sunday in a Church, Praying to someone who you dont believe exists? There seems to be no valid reason for this thinking other than you need to feel a part of a community, or your a few Bricks short of a Maisonette.

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(I suspect someone else is unhappy as well, hint hint).
Are you referring to me? For the record I am quite Happy at the Moment, I have recently started a New position at work with better salary, better work hours and opportunities, and have also reconnected with a lot of old school Friends and I'm having a Blast This Subject Just jumped out at me (My Mother is a Christian, but very uninterested in the details of Christianity, but very spiritual, I suppose the polar opposite of these People on the TV Show)

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