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((May I compliment you on your salarian roleplaying, Master_Archon? You are absolutely BRILLIANT at conveying a sense of the species' rapid-fire speech and thought patterns. I imagined your character talking like Mordin! *LOL*))


Amidst the barrage of words issuing from the salarian's mouth, Quirinius felt lost. Not so lost, however, that she couldn't figure out why he was disarming her and taking "Imperator" for safekeeping. Bowing her head, she listened to his rapid-fire admonishments and only dared to speak when he was finished.

"I--I accept your apology," she stammered at last, "and offer you mine. If there is a--" Geth onboard?! This day is getting more and more utterly unbelievable by the second! "--geth onboard this ship, I'm sure that there's a good reason for it to be there, and that your Captain has everything under control. I must say I'm feeling a bit out of control right now, and that's why I'm going to follow your directions and return to the medbay."

Once she did, Quirinius sat down on the makeshift cot upon which she'd lain not too long ago. "By the way, here are my remaining weapons: pistol, sniper rifle, and--volt'ic. A bioelectrical rod that I invented myself, meant to dampen the effects of biotic users' powers. Feel free to analyze it," she added, feeling sedatives coursing through her veins once more. "Mmmm...."

She fell once again into a deep, restful sleep, her neck becoming limp.
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