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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
What's up with the title of this thread? She's not dead...she was actually communicating with the hospital staff today.
For the first hours of reporting the shooting most news agencies labeled her as dead, which although was s***** reporting at the time, I guess they were somewhat correct in treating a headshot as a fatality. 90% of the time, a slug in the head means a kick of the bucket (Except in Fallout).

Originally Posted by Tommycat
So this guy was a Liberal
So he was Left Wing.
He still must have had ties to the Tea party... somehow.
He also killed a judge that was appointed by George HW Bush.
I fail to see your link between "anti-government" and "liberal". Any ideology could be anti-government, and by the suspect's proclivities concerning reading material, he wouldn't really fit any spectrum role nicely.

Do I think that he was influenced by the anti-government rhetoric being produced by the Tea Party, such as the Palin hit-list? Definitely. Does that make the shooter a bona-fide supporter of the Tea Party movement? Not exactly, but I'd certainly say that the movement should be responsible for its own rhetoric, including all of its complications, no matter how distant.

This guy was anti-government. Giffords represented a part of that government to him. It could have been any congressperson and he would have shot them. He just happened to live in Tucson. Which just happened to be Congressional District 8. Which just happened to be Giffords District.
Funny; your previous list seems to imply some agenda-driven plot, rather than "just some anarchist-type".
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