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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
No, but it is completely fair to compare liberals to unpatriotic flag burners. News for you I love my country just as much as anyone and while I hate to see the flag disrespected. I will fully defend someone’s right to burn it because of a little thing called the Constitution.

Until everyone figures out 1 + 2 does not equal 7 these debates are useless. Just because someone supports certain positions on the left or the right does not make someone a Republican or a Democrat. I should know, I once voted for Reagan and then again Bush, does that make me a Republican?
No, I was making a note of his liberal leanings which go further left than your average leftie. I'm making note of things which do not fit the mold of saying he was a tea partier.

And calling him a leftist/liberal comes from his classmates who know him better than you or I do. So I'd guess they know him enough to say whether he was left/right. Looking through his ramblings and reading list he could be classified as either. Actually you could say some of his ramblings are far rightist, while others are far leftist.

I don't call him either. I call him a nutjob. BUT Since some people here prefer to claim he's a Tea partier, I figured we ought to point out that his classmate says he was a liberal, not a conservative.

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