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Yes, but the difference is that at this point, we don't have an itemized list of his positions on a great many issues. And as you've pointed out, a stance on a specific thing does not make them Liberal/Conservative. Again, I'm not saying he was either. People who know him better than we do have called him Liberal. He was an anarchist, Critical of religion, Includes in his favorite books "The Communist Manifesto" Now tell me how many people here who include those three fall on the right side of the fence?

He's also made a point of posting his videos.Here
Which indicate to me that he is either a nutjob, or HEAVILY self medicating. Neither of which are specifically left or right. Though conservatives tend to be more anti-drug, as we've seen, some are hypocrites. Honestly this guy may have had serious mental problems. Schizophrenia would be my guess. Which again is not limited to left/right ideology. That in itself is the reason why I get so upset at people who point at this stuff and scream "TEA PARTIERS" every time. It's as if they are saying only the Right can have crazies.

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