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Who I am

There appears to be no records, official or otherwise, of my past or my family history, so I will relate it to you.

I am the son of an Admiral Roderick Starseeker. He was a prominent leader during the Mandalorian Wars. At his behest of, and with the full support of my mother, who was a Martial arts instructor at the Republic Army Academy, I joined the Officer Candidate School. I was assigned to the Republic Cruiser Vindicator. I joined the Mandalorian Wars halfway through the final decade of the conflict. Until they were beaten, I killed a great many of them. I rose to the position of Captain in the last five years of the war and helped Revan and Malak force the Mandalorians to surrender.

Most unfortunately, my ideas to further the Republic and advance myself and crew were frowned upon by the weak. They called me too opportunistic, scheming and dishonorable. I left the Republic in protest and set out to create my own path in life. I do not regret this decision, even though I was left with a small number of associates.

I fought on the battlefield. I retired to embrace a life of discovery and profit. I carve my own path in life and am better for it.
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