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"Captain, you can call me Rogue," the Geth Platform extended an arm. Hesitantly, Tuhrop shook the Geth's hand. Clearly organics have been under the observation of sentient machines for a long time.

"Welcome Aboard, "Rogue"" Tuhrop's mandibles positioned to form what appeared to be a grin. He crossed his arms. "Alright, uh... integrate into the Valkyries systems. And we'll discuss the Cerberus/Genesis data later. There's another matter I need to attend to."

He left the brig, after nodding at Thiyan. He walked to the medical bay; where Kallick, Chiron and Frank stood over the comatose Asari laying on the bed.

"Damn. Just as I am about to interogate her, she falls asleep at a conveniant enough time." Tuhrop said to his amusement. He stared at the Asari, and the jury infront of her.

"Who is she and how did she get onboard." he then turned his attention to the Human with a Walrus Moustache. "And who are you?"
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